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We are pleased to introduce you to Global Carbon Group, the most powerful initiative for environmental preservation and recovery while promoting social development for local communities.


We are specialized in helping countries, land owners, and communities in developing environmental projects that result in the preservation of ecosystems and their biodiversity. We guide the parties involved in the construction of sustainable projects in order to bring benefits to all of the stakeholders.


Our work begins with raising awareness about caring for the environment, and then progress into all stages of the elaboration of paths for preservation, to reach the obtainment of licenses and certificates for the negotiation of assets in the market as well as remain side by side with the client during the monitoring and recertification stages.


We seek the best business so that our client can reach their two main objectives: their land's biodiversity preservation and a lucrative bargain.

About Us

GCG is a major global entity specializing in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. Based in Brazil and with its first international office in Italy (out of 5 to be established in the next 2 years), the organization will be responsible for at least 1/3 of the total carbon credits offered to the voluntary market in the next 5 years.
With the world’s largest REDD+ project being developed in partnership with indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, encompassing over 10 million hectares, the group is already expanding its activities to Mexico, Ghana, India, Botswana, and at least five more nations around the globe, which will result in over 20 million hectares under development in 3 to 5 years.





Over 45 years of experience in land regulation and sustainable development.

Fernando Bisker

Managing Partner

José Luís Zamith

Managing Partner

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Our Expertise

Our experts and scientists have a strong track record and relationship with indigenous communities, governmental organizations, and regulatory authorities, which allows us to have already concluded the certification of successive vintages of Carbon Credits, since 2019. 

Our company was born out of a partnership agreement between four companies that had already been in business for years in the industry and which, by coming together, have the economic and professional strength to handle such an undertaking.

Indeed, through these companies we develop and create ESG projects around the world with cutting-edge technologies and products from renewable energy to reforestation, from clean water access to industries decarbonization.


We manage environmental projects which focus on...

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The Project - Nova Hileia

The World’s Largest Carbon Credit Project

The World’s Largest Carbon Credit Project


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Transforming forests into projects for the good of the planet Earth and for the good of humanity.

Preserving forests and biodiversity.

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